Quick-Fire raffle ticket system

The Gridmaster Quick-Fire raffle ticket system will make selling raffle tickets a fast, fun and easy experience for you!

The unique slimline design of the raffle ticket board provides a stable platform for selling your tickets, with easy to view numbers. The tickets are attached which means ceiling fans, wind or moving through crowds is no problem and buyers can quickly see what numbers are available so they can pick their favourite number. The design also means more security as you can instantly see how many tickets buyers are taking which ensures raffle takings balance more consistently. The board is lightweight, easy to carry and can be easily held above your head to attract attention.

Our raffle ticket board system is popular in many countries including New Zealand, Australia, the UK and USA.

The raffle ticket board can be used in mobile or stationery situations. Whether you sell from a bar or raffle room, or whether you move around – Gridmaster is perfect for either system. The raffle ticket board is also instantly recognisable. Just hold the Gridmaster in the air. The bright fluorescent yellow colour means the raffle board is easily seen, quickly letting people know it’s raffle time!

To make portable selling situations even easier, the Change Tray accessory (purchased separately) can be fitted into the case as an excellent aid to hold change.

We are currently running a promotion for raffle ticket board and raffle ticket purchases made from Australia. Please contact us for further information on this.

Gridmaster Quickfire Raffle Ticket Board

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Gridmaster Raffle Ticket Board Change Tray

Change Tray

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Drawing Marbles

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Raffle Ticket Pad for larger raffles

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Using the Gridmaster Quickfire Raffle ticket board is as easy as...

Step 1.

Place the ticket sheet face down on the lid.

How to insert the raffle ticket sheets into the Gridmaster raffle ticket board

Step 2.

Flick lid closed, apply gentle pressure until you hear 'click' then start selling!

How to close the Gridmaster raffle ticket board

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